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Fund Managemant Team - Seasoned investment experience and excellent track record

BoDand IC member

  • IC member, Mr. Yao Fang, Board member
    Mr. Yao joined Fosun Pharma in 2010, and is the Director of the company. He also serves as Supervisory Board Chairman of SinoPharma. He has been the vice chairman of Shanghai Pharmaceutical Industry Association since 2010.
  • Chairman –Mr. Philip Cui
    Bachelor Degree of Shanghai Medical University, MBA of Australia La Trobe University, Vice President of Fosun Pharma. Prior to join Fosun Pharma, he was the general manager of international business unit of Shanghai Pharmaceutical Corporation. He has abundant experience in both domestic and cross-border medical investment transactions.
  • IC member, Mr. PengBingming
    MBA of Peking University, Master of Laws, Mr. Peng has seasoned experience in legal and financing investment, he is the general manager of SK Financial Investment Group in China, prior to join SK, he was working with a USD fund in China, where he executed dozens of deals, including the JoinTownPharmaceutical Group. He is also the special mediator with China Chamber of Internatinal Trade, and member of China Law Society.
  • Managing Director, IC member, Dr. Xiao Zhenyu
    Doctor in Pharmacology, member of Bio China Advisor Committee, Post Doctor in Rochester University. He was the deputy chief of the IPO team for Fosun Pharma Listing in Hong Kong Exchange, deputy director of Fosun Pharmaceutical New Drug R&D Center. He has made several VC investment deals (small molecule, biological agents, etc.), and completed many BD projects (M&A, technology transfer, CMO, mutual R&D, etc.). So far the deals have brought prominent returns.
  • Managing Director, IC member, Mr. Cho JeongSik
    Master Degree in Engineering of Seoul University. He has 19+ years of investment and financing experience, completed more than a dozen VC investment deals. He has about 10 years of BD experience in China.