Hermed Capital

About us - Promise to do our best for Healthcare industry in China

Investment Allocation / Medical Device & Diagnostic / Medical Service
  • · Hermed Capital Fund (the “Fund”) is a private equity fund that will invest primarily in healthcare industry around the world.
  • · The Fund provides investors with direct investment exposure to healthcare assets around the world, which have the potential to deliver superior returns. The Fund will mainly focus on three sub-sectors including but not limited to pharmaceuticals, medical device & diagnostic, and medical service.
  • · Private and unique deals can be accessed quickly through the strong personal industry connections of senior managers of the Fund.
  • · The appropriate investment strategy will be applied throughout the Fund life, from investment origination to the exit, where partners strength in healthcare sector will be fully leveraged.
  • · Additional to traditional alpha generated from financial engineering of a target investment, LPs of the Fund will provide its operational and technical expertise as “catalyst” to create additional alpha for each target investment.
  • · Multiple exit options for a pharmaceutical company and medical device manufacturer including IPO or a trade sale to pharmaceutical giants.